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Meet Kyle Sandilands, the captivating voice behind Australia's cherished Kiss FM 106.5 radio station, where countless listeners tune in. In a surprising turn of events, Samuel Waterhouse joined the scene just as a seance was about to begin.

With calm confidence, Sam shared a simple truth: it's important to not play around with weak evil power. But what happened next was extraordinary. Just by using commanding words with the name "Jesus," something incredible happened.

Right there, on live radio, Kyle, who had been struggling with a very bad back, experienced a remarkable instant healing live on the air. This wasn't planned or scripted! it was real and honest. The surprise and relief were clear in Kyle's voice as he talked about feeling better, connecting with listeners and bridging doubts and belief.

In that spontaneous moment, the radio went beyond its usual role, becoming a way to share something deep and connecting. You don't need to believe in cosmic stories! just in the power of faith, the impact of words, and the surprising healing that can happen when we least expect it. And now, the chance is yours to share your moment with Sam.

Don't miss out! Press the vibrant orange play button below and treat yourself to a revealing 5-minute live conversation. And, if you're hungry for more compelling insights, the testimonial video from New Hope Church Brisbane is just a click away. Experience it for yourself; you won't regret it!

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1-on-1 Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Welcome to our personalised 1-on-1 spiritual guidance sessions designed to support your spiritual journey. These sessions are conducted via Zoom or Google Meet and are led by apostle samuel waterhouse.

Session Overview

Our 30-minute sessions are focused on understanding your spiritual path and assisting you in advancing to the next chapter in your journey. The sessions encompass:

  • Introduction: We start with a warm welcome and provide an outline of the session's purpose.

  • Discovery Questions: We delve into your background, beliefs, and reasons for seeking guidance.

  • Addressing Needs: Whether you seek healing, mental well-being, or doctrinal clarification, we aim to provide assistance tailored to your needs.

  • Spiritual Assistance: We offer positive intentions and energy to create a supportive environment for your growth.

  • Advancing Spiritual Journey: Together, we explore your current position in your spiritual journey and help you move forward.

  • Guided Discussion: A guided conversation based on your needs, addressing concerns or misconceptions if necessary.

  • Actionable Steps: We collaborate to identify actionable steps to enhance your spiritual practice and understanding.

Your Experience Matters

This session is a judgment-free space for you to express your thoughts and feelings. please remember us speaking the truth to you isn't us judging you. It's about your growth, and we're here to listen, guide, and support. Our approach is respectful, open, and centered around your unique journey.

Booking a Session

To begin your journey towards spiritual growth and guidance, email us at:

Invite Sam to Speak at Your Ministry

Sam delivers profound teachings on the blood and body of Lord Jesus Christ. These sessions are complemented with live demonstrations showcasing the power of God to heal the sick and cast out demons. For inquiries or to extend an invitation, please email us to learn more:

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