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Isaiah 45:11 - Concerning the work of My hands you command me.

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we believe in miracles

Did you hear about the real life miracle with famous radio host Kyle ​Sandilands from Kiss FM 106.5!

Kyle experienced a truly remarkable instant healing simply through our ​minister Sam commanding the outcome using the power in the name of ​Jesus.

Dive into the 5 minute live recording and ready to be shocked.

Click the 'Play' button below to listen.

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I didn’t plan on listening to the radio but I just randomly decided to call up when I ​heard let’s try get a priest on here. It was at random and I was shocked I got ​through. I didn’t correct my name when being called Dan as well just in case I ​stuffed this up I thought for a split second but I had no doubt moving forward. I ​know how to operate in faith.

Samuel Waterhouse - Founder of Command Church

A witness testimony


Sam delivers profound teachings on the significance of ​what Jesus did for all of us. He is genuine, raw and has an ​ability to meet people where they’re at bringing to them a ​great sense of joy and hope with his words.

He imparts revelation knowledge he gained through ​countless hours in the word of God and learning from ​generals of the past in the faith and he wants to share with ​everyone how to receive from God his promises and see ​real results.

Sam had an encounter with Jesus on 12th December 2018 ​where Jesus removed instantly all his anxiety, depression, ​past hurts and fear of man. Not only this but he was ​baptised with the Holy Ghost and Fire on this day and has ​never been the same since. From a life of crime to a life of ​joy and peace in Jesus summerises Sam’s lifestyle. We ​encourage you to reach out to Sam and organise a meeting ​as he welcomes any ministry with wide open arms.


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